Save the Seneca White Deer!

Save the Seneca White Deer!

Below is the story of the Seneca White Deer by Chris Woloverton and a place to sign the petition to save them.

Here is my take on the story:

This is another example of the wanton disregard of animals that are not valued by people. Money is the primary value of people. I am not saying that money should not be a concern. However, handing over an endangered population of white deer, who will surely meet their demise, is the hallmark of thinking that will eventually destroy the Earth. It will be a slow and agonizing death, primarily because it will never be recognized for what it is. How is it that people can be so calloused towards the plight of these precious deer? The answer is simple. They do not care about the suffering of animals that they eat and wear. They do not care about the suffering lives and cruel deaths of animals that someone else slaughters for them? Why, then, would they care about a few deer? They do not. Earth is the symptom. People are the disease.

The Seneca White Deer Story:

The gorgeous Seneca white deer thrived and roamed undisturbed in a former Army depot since 1941. For the first time since then, the rare herd faces a threat as local officials put the old storehouse up for bids.

The deer are not albino, but the result of a rare genetic mutation. The unusual creatures and the rich military history that surrounds them draws many tourists to the area. “When we ran bus tours on a limited basis between 2006 and 2012, we had people come from all over the United States to see the deer,” said Dennis Money of Seneca White Deer Inc. “People are enchanted by them.”

In the wild, the deer’s white coats leave them vulnerable to predators. The fenced-in depot allowed the herd to thrive for decades. If buyers remove the fence, the deer will likely be killed.

We cannot risk the loss of these beautiful animals. Please sign the petition to urge the Seneca County Board of Supervisors to buy the site and turn it into a nature preserve so these rare deer can survive and thrive

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Save the Seneca White Deer!

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