Save The Lansing Michigan Pits

Please give them a chance. These poor sweet souls are only guilty of trying to please their masters, which in this case are monsters. Give them a chance to respond to true love and kindness. They deserve, at least, that much – Tere

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Over the past month, authorities in Lansing, Michigan have seized 53 dogs who were victims of a dog fighting operation.The dogs are currently under the care of the county shelter while evidence is gathered and charges are brought against those involved with the dog fighting ring.

Animal advocates have learned that Ingham County officials have petitioned the court for permission to euthanize at least 16 of the dogs, claiming that the dogs are unadoptable. But members of the organization, “Save The Lansing Michigan Pits”, say that the dogs have already suffered enough, and that they deserve a chance at rehabilitation and if possible, adoption by a loving family.

8,000 people have signed the petition urging the court to deny the county’s request to euthanize the dogs.  If you think these dogs deserve a chance for rehabilitation and adoption, then please sign the petition today.

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