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Cecil the Lion

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Once again, and way too soon…

I find myself calling on people from around the world to ask UPS to be a responsible Business Entity, and to consider the ramifications on our world’s animals by their continuing business practice of importing Dead Animal Parts, obtained from Trophy hunting.

Our beloved Cecil, killed by a Trophy hunter, left behind a family…. and now his son, Xanda has met the same fate, a mere 2 years later, leaving 8 babies alone and defenseless.

When new rival male lions comes in to take over a broken pride, they often kill the offspring of the previous leader, and this is the uncertain future Cecil’s grandchildren now face.

The ‘wheres’… Xanda was killed just on the outskirts of the Hwange National Park. It is likely that the trophy hunter used dead meat to lure Xanda outside the border of the park where hunting is legal, just to shoot him.

And the ‘Whys’… because rich people oftentimes like to ‘kill things’.

Are not nearly as important as…. WHAT CAN WE DO TO MAKE SURE IT STOPS. THIS is the most important part of this entire tragedy….

Because, if we do not take a stand now, these glorious members of our world will go extinct, and how then do we then explain this to our children, and and theirs to come?

It is my hope that we can mobilize for the Lions of Africa, for ALL animals that are hunted… come together, in one voice…. and ask UPS to stop importing the remains of our beloved animals of the world, and to be a compassionate Corporation that we can continue to do business with.

Thank you for your support and please network this most important petition…. an animal’s life depends on it.

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