Tell Neutrogena to Stop Testing on Animals!

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Tell Neutrogena to stop all animal testing

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I’m an animal lover and a student at San Pedro High School in San Pedro, CA. I’ve always loved animals and try to do everything I can to protect them. That instinct grew stronger after I stumbled upon videos of lab animals in captivity. I saw screaming rabbits, limping rats, badly burned mice, and many more horrifying conditions.

I don’t believe animals should suffer just so we can feel more beautiful.

After watching those videos, I was determined to do anything I could to stop these practices. I started to write letters to these companies, including Neutrogena, after I learned that PETA had blacklisted the company for its animal testing practices.Neutrogena is one of the largest and most influential beauty care companies in the world.

These beauty care company labs apply and inject chemicals into the animal’s skin or eyes to test the reaction of the substance to skin and organs. These badly damaged lab animals rarely receive any care for the injuries inflicted upon them during the testing process, and all are killed when they are no longer considered useful — usually by asphyxiation (suffocation), or decapitation.

This gruesome reality is part of the reason why 50% of U.S. adults are against animal research testing — according to a recent Pew Research Center poll. But none of it is necessary. Beauty companies can use some of the many chemicals that have already been proven safe. Or, they can choose to use non-animal testing methods.

Many of these non-animal testing methods are actually cheaper, quicker, and more reliable than animal testing. This is why so many companies have made the switch from animal testing to non-animal testing. It’s time for Neutrogena to join other beauty care companies and take the next step.

Help send an important message today by signing this petition and telling Neutrogena it’s time to end its cruel animal testing programs.


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    Jan Hall (Neutrogena President)
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    Salini Bowen
  • Neutrogena Director, Marketing
    Jose Bimont

  • Animal rights

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    Thank you for the support and ideas! There was a lot of suggestions to inform celebrities who promote Neutrogena about the animal testing and cruelty. I think that is an great idea! Some celebrities who support…
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    Thankyou very much for 200,000+ supporters. I am very sorry I was busy and couldn’t update for a long time. I had a lot of work to finish. I have wrote letters to the decision makers and I am getting them reviewed so far. I will…
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Reasons for Signing

It’s absolutely incredible that a brand that advertises its products as all natural and healthy barbarically tests its products on helpless, innocent animals when it’s been proven that it’s absolutely unnecessary. Animal testing should be abolished totally everywhere and everyone should boycott Neutrogena products until they announce that they’ve done so permanently.

Kristine Tait, Toronto, Canada
Jan 18, 2017

I’m horrified that I have purchased your products, thinking them ethically responsible. Please discontinue animal testing immediately- there are alternatives!

Randi Scher, Frenchtown, NJ
Jan 6, 2017

stop torturing , killing and using animals in your testing…use humans, they are going to be using the damn stuff!

Heather Hintz, Wheat Ridge, CO
Jan 6, 2017