Look what I captured on video when two adolescent raccoons try and explore Downtown Pasadena in broad daylight!

I was out jogging about 7:00 PM the other evening when I could not believe my eyes! A family of raccoons was emerging out of a storm drain on the North West corner of Madison Avenue and Green Street, Pasadena!

Of course, only I was interested in this.  Cars were flying by and people were scurrying to get to their favorite restaurant for dinner.  I was so worried about them.  So, I ran over and while taping this I was trying to shoo them back in the storm drain.

The two that were emerging were clearly adolescents.  The first one, and biggest of the two, looked a bit disoriented.  Or maybe he was just curious and overwhelmed.  He was certainly not afraid of me.  The little one decided to back, back into the storm drain, but the bigger one kept on coming.

All of a sudden a much bigger raccoon, which was no doubt, mama, grabbed this big boy and drug him back into the storm drain and out of sight. It was actually the second time she did this. The first time I didn’t catch it on camera and she was clearly angry that she had to do it again.

I was so relieved.

If all the people parents in the world were as caring and protective as animal parents the world would be a much better place.

Click on the link to see the video: