6/14/17 Update on Skye – This is the Face of animal Cruelty

Click on the photo to see the video. You will be amazed.

Yes, this is the face of animal cruelty, but it is also the face of Inspiration.

Although, Skye doesn’t completely understand, he knows that these people are trying to help him and he trusts them.  And these people are angels. Watch the video of the head surgeon, Dr. Jorge Llinas, clean the wound and stitch it up. Doctor of Traumatology,  Antonio Canadillos observes Skye’s jaw that he will have to unlock.

The next time you become agitated,  frustrated or angry,
compare your situation to Skye’s.

Skye is my hero.
He is a beautiful soul.
I strive to be like him, although I fall dreadfully short.
There are several more surgeries to go, but in the end, he will be whole again.

I don’t know of anyone else that would have taken Skye’s case on other
than Viktor and these Doctors.

6/11/17 Update on Skye – This is the Face of Animal Cruelty

Click on the photo to watch the latest video.

You will learn many more details about Skye’s story.

In Skye’s case, and in almost all the cases that Viktor takes on,  I believe that vets here in the States would recommend euthanasia citing that the animal would not have a good quality of life, or that they simply could not help the animal in question.

This is absolutely untrue.

You will learn in the video that no vet in Europe would take Skye’s case, except Viktor’s vet and they will help him, just as they as in so many “hopeless cases.”.

Skye will begin his surgeries this week.

Click here for Youtube site to watch Skye’s progress and join the conversation.

Click here to donate to Skye’s fund.

Skye  was rescued by Viktor Larkhill  who can be found on Youtube. 

Published on Jun 6, 2017
The human monster approached him carrying a shovel and, in one
devastating blow, cut his skull in half, taking his right eye and the
zygomatic arch, destroying muscles and nerves and causing fatal jaw

With our help, I have seen miracles occur with the horrific cases of anmial cruety Viktor takes on. You can donate below and watch Sky’s progress on his Youtube site:

Click here for Youtube site to watch Skye’s progress and join the conversation.

Click here to donate to Skye’s fund.

Look what I captured on video when two adolescent raccoons try and explore Downtown Pasadena in broad daylight!

I was out jogging about 7:00 PM the other evening when I could not believe my eyes! A family of raccoons was emerging out of a storm drain on the North West corner of Madison Avenue and Green Street, Pasadena!

Of course, only I was interested in this.  Cars were flying by and people were scurrying to get to their favorite restaurant for dinner.  I was so worried about them.  So, I ran over and while taping this I was trying to shoo them back in the storm drain.

The two that were emerging were clearly adolescents.  The first one, and biggest of the two, looked a bit disoriented.  Or maybe he was just curious and overwhelmed.  He was certainly not afraid of me.  The little one decided to back, back into the storm drain, but the bigger one kept on coming.

All of a sudden a much bigger raccoon, which was no doubt, mama, grabbed this big boy and drug him back into the storm drain and out of sight. It was actually the second time she did this. The first time I didn’t catch it on camera and she was clearly angry that she had to do it again.

I was so relieved.

If all the people parents in the world were as caring and protective as animal parents the world would be a much better place.

Click on the link to see the video: 


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Sunnyvale, CA

JUN 2, 2017 — Nami Kim of SaveKoreanDogs.org and Soi Dog Foundation will be meeting with the Mayor of Bucheon on the 15th to show their support for the Mayor to end the dog meat trade and will be presenting the Mayor with the petition signatures we that have collected. Currently we are only at 16K signatures and we need at least 20K to show that the people around the world support the Mayor’s effort to bring the end to the dog meat industry in his city and we want Bucheon to be the first “Dog Meat Free City” in South Korea. So please sign and share the petition TODAY! Also invite all of your friends to sign.

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What you can do: http://koreandogs.org/what-you-can-do/contacts-for-protest/sample-protest-letter/
Call the South Korean Embassy and Consulate General Offices in your country: http://koreandogs.org/call-south-korean-embassy

Mayor Kim Man-Soo of Bucheon: All thanks to Mayor Kim! Bucheon City working towards becoming "First Dog Meat Free City"
All thanks to Mayor Kim! Bucheon City working towards becoming the “First Dog Meat Free City in Korea”. Dear Mayor Kim Man-Soo of…