What’s the Difference Between Large Animal Welfare Organizations & PETA?

Many people don’t like PETA because they do not house any animals. There was a case not long ago where an elderly couple killed four dogs, one that was a young dog, put them in garbage bags and threw them in a dumpster. They were caught and said they worked, or volunteered, for PETA. Ingrid Newkirk, got on TV and said that they were associated with PETA, and although she did not condone the way that they disposed of the dogs, she said something to the effect of, that she would rather see the dogs dead than suffering. Personally, I don’t agree with that stance.

However, PETA has made a lot of headway in seeing that laws are past to stop animal cruelty and on all its many ugly fronts and has become an international force.

Perhaps one of the most glaring examples of what separates PETA and large animal welfare organizations, such as the HSUS, is that PETA wants to see SeaWorld destroyed and all animals, that are able, be set free. Whereas, the new CEO of SeaWorld, Joel Manby (AKA The Love Doctor), who officially took over in April of 2015, after, Jim Atchison, resigned following the devastating affect that Black Fish had on marine parks, has partnered with the CEO of HSUS to help transform SeaWorld into a more “educational” experience for the consumer, rather than an entertaining (read exploiting), experience.

If this is any indication of how “lovable” the Love Doctor is, in the September 16, 2016 issue of Fortune Magazine, Manby responds to the question as to how he might update “Love Works” based on his experience at SeaWorld. His response is, “Sometimes life isn’t fair…But you have to move on.”

My take on that is, we might have to use “tough love” to keep our profits up.

If you would like to see how marine animals, such as orcas, are exploited, read my article on Tilikum, the killer whale who has recently died, on my website: http://www.AnimalinstinstinctsPublications.com – under “Animals in the News” or search “Tilikum,” on my blog: www.Blog.AnimalinstinstinctsPublications.