When Pigs Can Fly Has Arrived!

I couldn’t pass up sharing this story about a turkey that was permitted to fly on a Delta flight because he had all the documentation which certified him as a companion pet who provided a calming affect for the passenger. He even had his own seat!

Turkey on Delta Flight copy

“Turkeys aren’t the only animals used as emotional support animals on flights. Horses, pigs and–yes, dogs are regularly used.”

“In 1986, Congress passed the Air Carrier Access Act, allowing service animals to fly on planes and ensuring they can’t be removed simply on the grounds that other passengers object. That turkey, or other emotional support animals, requires documentation from a mental health professional. It can’t walk about the cabin and can’t do their business during the flight (after 8 hours the animal’s owner must plan for the clean disposal of waste), something that must be a written guarantee from the human passenger. They also can’t block aisles or take up seats near the emergency doors.”

I think it’s great! As I was reading I thought, I’m going to head to a psychologist and tell the doctor that I must have my dog with me or I’ll die of fright on the plane! No, I wouldn’t do that. Actually, as I read on, the article addresses that notion and airlines are already gearing up for the fight.
As far as different types of animals that are allowed there some that are on the no-fly list, “such as snakes and other reptiles, ferrets, rodents, and spiders, as written in the federal guidelines of The Air Carrier Access Act. While Delta prohibits farm poultry, it allows domestic birds, and the turkey, well –apparently is a domestic bird.”

But there is always something good that comes out of breaking through a legal system that is inherently flawed. Where do I begin with laws that are not tough enough for animal abuse offenders going all the way to not cracking down on “canned-hunts.”

The reason why people will try and get their pet on board by feigning that they will flip out without them is because of the ridiculous amounts the airlines charge to bring a pet along with you in the cabin. No conscientious pet owner would put their animal in the baggage compartment, even if they have made sure that it isn’t minus 30 in there. You still never know. So we have to make a choice: leave them home (kennel, pet sitter, house sitter), and with that comes an expense and lots of worry. Or, put them in the baggage compartment, which is not an option. Or pay for, what works out to be as much another passenger ticket.

So maybe they should think about being a bit more reasonable on the pet fare. The first airline to become more pet friendly is the one that I will use, even if I am not bringing a pet.

To read the article go here: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2016/01/14/turkey-ruffles-feathers-about-emotional-support-animals-on-flights/