Teacher Disciplined For Showing Students Animal Cruelty Video

Pig in Gesttion Crate-Humane Society
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A science teacher showed a video to his 5th grade class at the Au Gres-Sims Elementary School in Arenac County, Michigan. The video shows baby pigs “being slammed to the floor, cut and beaten at a slaughter house.” Jeffery Collier, the superintendent of the school district made the decision to suspend the teacher for six days without pay. I have been a teacher for 16 years, and unfortunately, I know what happens to teachers when they voice their opinions on controversial subjects. I feel for this teacher. I’m surprised that he did not lose his job. I can see both sides of this debate. The parents feel that it is their responsibility, and choice, whether or not to show their children something of this nature. Especially because I’m sure that this traumatized some, if not all, of the children. Children love animals and are usually taught to love and be kind to animals, and there is definitely a huge disconnect here (Read 4-H Clubs), but I believe that this was probably not the best way to teach children of that age about the very real savage and merciless way that these animals are treated.

In all my research in the world of animal cruelty, of all farm animals, pigs get the worst of it. If you can handle watching this video you will see that there is a visceral intent to torture these animals and give them life threatening injuries and then leave them to die, which is the most seditious and hideous acts of violence I have ever witnessed. What they do to these animals is no different than what the Nazi’s did to the Jews, gypsies and anyone they deemed, not only unworthy of living, but so vile that they needed to put these innocent souls through as much torture as they could and they enjoyed every minute of witnessing their suffering. It is frightening to think that there are people among us that are committing these atrocities, legally! Whereas most factory farm animals suffer just as much, but not in such a violent way. They suffer terribly for their entire lives by being cramped into living conditions that are unthinkable and torturous, which is bad enough. However, with baby pigs these people pick them up and drop-kick them as if they were footballs. Worse than that, they spike them into the ground as if they were footballs.

I have a video, which is posted below, of a disgusting man, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, who is gathering up baby pigs at one of Tyson’s pig gestation plants. One little piglet starts to wander away. He grabs the piglet up by his hind legs, slams him up against the wall and drops him on the cold cement. If the baby pig wasn’t dead, he would be left there to die in misery while you can hear the distressed mother screaming for her babies. There are many other unthinkable acts of animal cruelty in the undercover video, shot by a brave soul from the Humane Society. Can you imagine what these people would do if they caught the agent filming them?  I shudder to think.  These people are crazy and sadistic.  That was the first film I saw of this nature. I sat in front of my computer as stunned as that poor little piglet. All I could do was weep for two hours and I’m trying to hold back the tears as I write this.

As I said, what this teacher did was wrong and the parents were correct in feeling that he had no right to subject their fifth grade children to this horror. However, I have to ask, when is the right time? When is the correct time for children to learn about this? I believe that many people refuse to see the truth because they know that after witnessing these atrocities, they will no longer be able to stomach, literally, eating meat. In fact Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, admitted feeling this way on her show. She said, “I love my steak too much.” I believe this is not only wrong, it is immoral.

This teacher has been with the district for 20 years. I know that he knew that this would happen. I know he put his job and career on the line for a cause that he believed in. In my eyes he is a hero. What he wanted to achieve was for these children to see the truth and become vegetarians, whether their parents wanted them to or not. And he, like so many other crusaders for animal rights, wanted to bring more attention to the ugly truth. He accomplished both ends. Not all, but I would put money on some of those children never eating bacon or pork chops again.  And there will be a backlash because of this. Six days without pay is just the beginning of this teacher’s problems. I’m sure he is aware of this as well. There will be one lawsuit after another claiming that their children are mentally scared for life. They probably are. They should be. But so is everyone else that has the guts to look at the truth. And so am I and I wouldn’t have any other way.

My questions are always: Is the taste of meat so important to you that you will condone this unthinkable cruelty? Do you understand that these are sentient beings that are no different than your dog or cat or horse and the only difference is that these animals have not been given the chance to interact with people? Do you understand that they enjoy being petted and loved and enjoy laying in the sun, just like a dog or cat or horse. Do you understand that they love and protect their young, just like people do? Do you understand that they feel pain and suffering just like you do? If you can answer these questions honestly, you might see things in a different light.

Arl Solomon, of Mercy for Animals,where I found this story, posed this question, “If parents believe watching a video of pork production is too upsetting for children, how can they let their kids eat pork products? If Au Gres Schools is serving bacon or offering pepperoni pizza at lunch, it should definitely rethink the menu,” which is a fair question and rebuttal.

You can find Mercy for Animals and watch the video here:

If you haven’t seen what happens to precious baby pigs, you should watch it.

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