If You Say You Love Animals You Must Watch This

Many people say they love animals and I believe that they do, in a superficial way.  After what I have seen I have determined that you cannot love animals if you eat them. You may love your dogs and cats and other pets, but not all animals. And that is your choice.

This is a graphic¬†video, but if you say you love animals, I think you should see the truth and make your decisions on that basis. I also believe that most people that eat meat could not do what is done to the animals they eat. We just don’t think about it. It never dawned on me when I was a kid eating McDonald’s hamburgers, that I was eating a cow. Nor did I know what market stock animals went through.


If you say you love animals and after watching this video you still want to eat them, you don’t love all animals. I’m not making a judgment. I’m just stating a fact and asking you to consider an alternative.

If you have the courage to watch this and you are deeply saddened by what you see and you realize how cruel human beings can be and how horribly these animals suffer and this at least makes you think about putting an end to this horror, then I have accomplished my goal.

That’s all I can ask.


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