Here is this week’s Face of Animal Cruelty – Meet Aurora.

Aurora was brought in with 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering almost half her body

This is the worst burn case we have ever seen. Where do I begin? The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City sent out a plea to help a tiny pit bull who had been badly burned. A woman called animal control and stated there was a stray dog in her front yard that had been set on fire. The dog, now named Aurora, was brought in with 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering almost half of her body. We have partnered with HSGKC to raise the funds needed to save Aurora’s life. But we need your help.

Here is where the story gets complicated. After the police started an investigation into the case, the woman who called Animal Services came forward as Aurora’s actual owner. She had made up the story about the dog being a stray in order to get the dog help. She then stated that the dog accidentally knocked over cooking oil that fell on Aurora, burning half her body. She said the accident happened 5 days before she called. I can’t even imagine how painful that must have been for little Aurora!

The care she needs to survive is extensive. Burns like these take months of around-the-clock care. That is where we need your help. We have created these animal saving shirts, bracelets and totes to help us raise the funds to cover the costs of her extensive surgeries, skin grafts and emergency care.

We have partnered with The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City to raise the donations needed to save Aurora’s life. Together, we have created the animal-saving shirts, sweaters and totes to raise the funds needed. Purchase yours today. We made a promise to Aurora and her nonprofit that we will not stop until she is safe and pain free but we cannot do that without you!

UPDATE 5-8-17 – Aurora is just starting to heal. She has gained a bit of weight (is up to 15.5 lbs now) and this morning she was sedated and had her wounds cleaned up before her bi-daily burn ointment application. With regards to the investigation, Aurora was brought to HSGKC by KCK Animal Services as a stray and the KCKPD detective has now concluded that the initial report was incorrect and that Aurora’s injuries were the result of an accidental cooking grease incident. Rescuer’s focus remains on Aurora’s recovery, making sure she heals, and eventually makes her way to a loving home.

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